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Share your thoughts about emotions, what they are and how they affect how we function.

Emotions are everything. They interact with thoughts.............. is cold an emotion? is hunger an emotion? lol... maybe someon might feel annoyed about feeling hungry... or annoyed about being cold... or they might feel frustrated by being cold all the time... they might feel slight irritation... then if they can turn up the heat... then they might feel happy and glad that they were able to be in a nicer temperature. emotions. good times. :) Emesee


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Emotions016:55, 13 May 2010

Emotions express like an intermediate state between thought and action. A rehersal or pre-physical modeling that may be most closely tied to empathy--tracing the physical dimensions of a perception? Emotions seem distinct from thought but that might be an illusion and emotions are simply a shifting position along a continum. Context rather than rationality decides where along the thought line a thought will be drawn from.

Scottx2 (talk)16:55, 13 May 2010