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Lastly, the Social Constructivist perspective views emotions as the products of social learning and cultural conditioning. How a particular culture views emotions and the language it uses to talk about them will affect how members of the culture will learn to experience and express emotion. Although this theory does have evidence to support its main claims, it has not been rigorously tested in controlled field experiments.

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So are emotions independent of thinking? Are they mere unconscious reactions to external stimuli, or derivations of biological processes? Are their main purposes to help maintain homeostasis or ensure survival? Are they part of a communication process that creates, shapes and constructs our interpersonal relationships based on our perceptions of our own individual histories? (Richmond, Kia Jane) Most likely, they are some of each.

Regardless, certainly, the easier it is for us to acknowledge, accept, integrate and release emotional stress, the less time our systems spend trying to process it.

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