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Introduction and my thinking020:58, 29 November 2012
Definition of profession309:28, 25 January 2011
More specific citation for first bullet509:23, 25 January 2011

Introduction and my thinking

I am Mr. Belingtone Mariki from Tanzania. I am a Lecturer at the Institute of Adult Education. I joined this workshop to learn more about OER since its a new phenomenon in my country and most educational practitioners do not know about it. I am expecting to learn about open content how to create and access as well as copy right issues. In my opinion teaching is a profession simply because teachers learn in a college how to teach and acquire skills and knowledge on the methodologies and all technical part of it. It is a learned skill which has some rules of conduct.

Belly (talk)11:07, 24 January 2012

Definition of profession

A few points for discussion:

1. I think we should drop the "Compare learned profession". It's unnecessary and may be confusing without the link in the original.

2. Being that the content of the course is copyright, I think we should create a small footer at the bottom similar to the one used with the wp article to correctly cite the source. I'd then remove the link to in the lead up.

3. I suggest using this opportunity of using "all rights reserved" material in a CC BY OER to explain that it is fair use that allows this use, assuming I'm right about this.


ASnieckus (talk)15:26, 21 January 2011

Hi Alison,

1. Agreed -- drop "compare learned profession"
2. Agreed on citation reference link.
3. Agreed-- good opportunity to illustrate the use of "all rights reserved" quotations under fair dealing / fair usage. As an introductory "reflection" -- I'm wondering whether references to copyright at this point run the risk of confusing or holding up the reader. Perhaps a cursory comment or note at this point without too much detail? Its a great illustration opportunity -- we must just word appropriately to avoid unnecessary confusion, or introducing a complex concept which detracts from the purpose of the introduction. Thoughts?

Mackiwg (talk)10:18, 24 January 2011

I agree that reference to copyright should be limited at this point, but given the reference to the CC license above, seems appropriate to mention something here.

So I added a bit, but it seems long and overdone. Hopefully the fact that it's in small type will help learners who aren't ready to understand these concepts yet to gloss over it.

See what you think.


ASnieckus (talk)08:06, 25 January 2011

Hi Alison,

I think it works well, particularly with the small typeface. I tweaked the edit a little because copyright exceptions vary from country to country. All signatories of the Berne Convention agree to the use of quotations -- but the actual implementations may be different in each country -- for example how liberal the exception provisions are for educational purposes.


Mackiwg (talk)09:28, 25 January 2011

More specific citation for first bullet


I think we should provide a more specific citation for the statistic in the first bullet. The obvious reason is that it better substantiates the claim. But also, it would be nice to keep this number current over the next few years, and having a more specific source might help with that effort.



ASnieckus (talk)12:34, 21 January 2011

Hi Alison,

I pulled the data from the online database hosted by UNESCO's Institute for Statistics. Because tables can be customised it was not easy to point to a specific url. --- Perhaps a more accurately labelled link?

Updating will need to be done manually --- sadly progress on this statistic is slow (so not too much work in updating the figure).

Mackiwg (talk)10:07, 24 January 2011

I thought maybe you had used the database, but didn't venture to try out the search mechanism. But now I did and with only a little fiddling, I got 34% for the 2008 gross enrolment ratio, total for Sub-S Africa.

My preference would be to create a footnote that lists the criteria for accessing the statistic using the "build your own table" feature. This way we have the info we need to update to 2009 and later data as it becomes available (even if it doesn't change much :( content with current references is more well-received).

Any objection to moving the whole UNESCO link to a footnote? But if its mention in the text lends authority we could start the bullet with "According to UNESCO institute for statistics..."


ASnieckus (talk)15:03, 24 January 2011


That's a good suggestion to move the UNESCO link into a footnote. Much better solution. So no objections to moving this to a footnote.

Good thinking :-)

Mackiwg (talk)15:28, 24 January 2011

I moved the UNESCO reference to the Notes section, including relevant data to facilitate re-accessing the data. I also expanded the note for the world bank reference.

I think standardising citations will be harder than I first thought, but this is another discussion topic. :/


ASnieckus (talk)07:09, 25 January 2011

Thanks Alison,

That looks much better and more functional.

Yeah -- standardisation of citations in online wiki environments is not always straightforward. To many opportunities for exceptions :-).


Mackiwg (talk)09:23, 25 January 2011