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Orangutan pix011:46, 29 September 2009
Carbon Cycle109:57, 29 September 2009
Wonderings019:53, 27 September 2009
Audience & links019:47, 27 September 2009
New Zealand focus114:42, 27 September 2009
Pbl social construct014:41, 27 September 2009

Orangutan pix

I am assuming it was this pic wayne was talking about so have put the link for new creative commons pic bothe here and in teacher notes T

Whaeatina (talk)11:46, 29 September 2009

Carbon Cycle

Can we provide some content here for Carbon Cycle? e.g. H

Hmlamond (talk)06:29, 29 September 2009

Yes. Is this also a discussion in teacher notes? I'm getting confused. I'll check. There is one link in the teachers notes but it sure won't hurt to have two. I like for groups to work with different sources of information and identify what is similar in the content. T

Whaeatina (talk)09:57, 29 September 2009


Hi there,

Please provide learner instructions for this activity - we can't be explicit enough in our instructions. Please follow general format as in in Module 1.

Kind regards Leigh (talk)19:53, 27 September 2009

Audience & links

Hi there,

Yes, it is global, and I reckon at this late stage our audience is pretty much cast in stone....which brings me to the following: no links, please, unless they are added at the bottom as "optional reading for learners with access to the internet". Remember, we are not only catering for a global audience, but for an audience that most likely does NOT have access to internet or to computers.

Please update...

Kind regards Leigh (talk)19:47, 27 September 2009

New Zealand focus

Are we designing for NZ students? I thought we had decided early on that our audience was global. Of course I'm open to correction on this, but that was my understanding :-) Heather --Hmlamond 03:26, 26 September 2009 (UTC)

Hmlamond (talk)16:26, 26 September 2009

I thought it was a global audience to Heather

Whaeatina (talk)14:42, 27 September 2009

Pbl social construct

good levels of social constructivism occuring through this module. WIll add summary about big question once I have looked at the other modules T

Whaeatina (talk)14:41, 27 September 2009