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Added learners to the stakeholder list

It's obvious in a sense that students / learners are key stakeholders in what WikiEducator is doing - and I suspect that's why we've not singled out learners on the list. Ultimately we hope that free content on WikiEducator will be of some help to learners. We engage learners during the development phase as an integral part of the learning design process.

There is also growing interest among educators who are involved with teacher training. The idea is to have student teachers practice and apply their learning design skills in WikiEducator as part of the credit-bearing assignments. This is a particular niche grouping of students.

Looking good so far ...

Chat to you soon.

--Mackiwg 18:54, 10 June 2007 (CEST)

community of peers; varying levels of support - WikiEd Gestation to Maturity

Certainly, the free content will be of help to learners.

But I think it's more than that - it's about teachers being learners, and learners being teachers, and the process of peer engagement, support and interaction. There's many 'pieces' here, and sequencing and coordination are paramount, so that each activity leverages the one before...., and the continuous group efforts...

More soon about engaging learners, and teachers in the learning design process, but just as important, is the WikiEducator roll-out process. The 'support' provided throughout will change, depending on the needs of each community, and their overall phase of 'maturity.

You're also on the mark with growing interest among educators involved with teacher training...but I think it's at a more granular level. Let's keep that idea of "credit-bearing" assignments, but there are other opportunities / niches as well. I will be connecting with Mohan on June 27, and hopefully Nicholas Kimolo soon, so we'll have added insights...

I spoke with Frances on Monday - June 11 / 07, and she indicated to me that, in the Africa - Secondary Education equation, there are three communities that are of high priority and high leverage (in sequenced order):

  • Secondary Support Tutors
  • Management - Open Schools
  • Course Writers

- Wikirandy

An audio visual page with a WIkiEducator contribution from every CW country

Hi Randy,

Just so I don't lose this thought. I think the AV page for the Pacific WikiEducator's has turned out rather well.

This has got me thinking about a page listing WikiEducators with a short video clip from every country in the Commonwealth (including countries outside the Commonwealth). The country flags could then link to the individual country pages.

--Mackiwg 06:24, 17 September 2007 (CEST)

Great Ideas!

  • And, yes, I like your 2nd idea too.

- Randy

A thought about interview summaries

In the traditional wiki way - it would be great if we could have a summary (selected key points) from each interview.

I'd suggest clearing the summary with the Interviewee before posting on the wiki. Understandably - there may be thoughts and feedback of a confidential nature.

In this way the community can follow what's happening.

What do you think?

Cheers Wayne

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