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Regarding Gunther Osswald's comment:

"Ambassador sounds like too big for my activities. I’d prefer to call myself a representative, because I try to make WikiEducator present in my personal environment."

Gunther - actually the WikiAmbassador terminology is not too big to cover valuable activities such as the ones you are involved with. Building the WikiEducator community is about outreach and advocacy contributions in many locations, and to many audiences - that are big, small or in-between.

Your comment raises an important issue around exactly who are WikiAmbassadors, their roles / functions, and their own estimation of their contribution on an individual basis, and with respect to the community. This is an important message that we have to make sure that we cultivate, and I will ensure that it is addressed.

--wikirandy 03:17, 5 August 2007 (CEST)

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