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Week 1

Getting Started

Teaching and Learning Online

The design and structure of an online course is to engage students as active participants in their own learning. Blended courses, in particular, require effective combination and careful integration of course materials delivered online with activities in the face-to-face classrooms. In week one, we will discuss the basics of online teaching through relevant readings and forum interactions.

By the end of this week you will:

  1. understand the differences between face-to-face (f2f) and online learning and teaching
  2. learn about blended online learning (BOL)
  3. learn about the relevance of Moodle as a technology tool for online/blended instruction and learning
  4. recognize the main features of Moodle as a constructivist platform
  5. utilize a few Moodle communication tools.
  6. be introduced to WikiEducator, ning, Facebook, and WiZiQ as learning environments

Techniques & Tools

  1. KWHL and other graphic organizers
  2. Text and Media (PowerPoint, Youtube videos, images, audio/music & word/pdf files)
  3. Websites, blogs, and social networks (facebook, ning, twitter, google docs, & wikis)

Learning Modalities

  1. Blended Learning (BL)- Face-to-face & Online
  2. Blended Online Learning (BOL) - Synchronous & Asynchronous