Sustainable Tourism Practices/What is Sustainability?/Sustainability and Tourism/Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans

Personal introductions

Course overview

Setting up of individual blogs - Wordpress (invite me to contribute)

Work on blog - post your group definition and your class definition - then find one you like and post it.

Intro to sustainability

Group exercise to define sustainability

Use the "resources section" eg. 10 myths

What is sustainable tourism? - resources sheet (discuss with students)



Discuss: Questions - Students (groups) to develop a set of three questions around the Sustainable NZ resource - put groups questions on blog


Choose a question from last session and ask each group to answer:

1.Why is sustainability in New Zealand even more important than sustainability other countries around world?

2.How do we ensure that the money gain is protecting New Zealand’s environment?

Comment on blogs.

Climate Change, Impacts and other challenges

  • IPPC slideshow (ST BAM folder) move down to climate change part

In Resources: look at and discuss

Environmental Impacts

Transport Coordination - high quality infrastructure

Slideshow Transport (ST drive)

future bus stop Istops

  • Reading - The island utopia Hollywood ruined (impact)- url on Resources

Read, explain, analyse on blog link to url and provide two new resources for it.


Sustainability and Governance

Models of Sustainability: Slideshow - PDF in Resources section


Montenegro Castudy - handout to students

short promotional video on Montenegro

Lesson Plan



In your groups:

  • Find on a globe
  • Internet research - what are the main offers? (10 minutes)

Montenegro study questions discussed in class - first individually to your group then to all class

Question 1, 3,4


Guest speaker: Cambodia/Vietnam - Lynn Brandham