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Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Sustainable Business Practices

Energy Management

Welcome back from break - any interesting experiences?

Being used at the Dunedin Heritage Warehouse site - street party this weekend (street art)

Last lesson looked at accreditation and certification asked students to create a post around the case study they were given. Lets take a look at some of these (ask students to take us through their posting.

Gabrielle: Lazy shag backpackers and Greenwash video?


Look at and discuss "Wolgan Valley Resort" sustainable practices and philosophy

Summarise on whiteboard:

  • practices
  • common factors for tourism?

Tirol Austria Sustainable ski resort

Alpine Pearls - Case study (handout) - read

Questions - go to the website choose a holiday offer and write about its sustainable features in your blog

Lesson Plan

  • Complete blogs and special topic
  • Reading - GenY - final blog post to be on this article
  • Prepare for presentations next week