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Community Gardens

Image courtesy of Ms Phoenix


Identify, reflect and display sustainable practice in the tourism sector (Assessment)


Create an A3 Poster identifying and promoting practices of sustainability

Task One

1. Following your visit to Orokonui Then gather information which will assist with your final task creating an A3 poster. To assist with this you should:

  • collect photos, brochures etc
  • find information to use in your display poster
  • what is the community involvement - if any

2. Your poster will outline/display sustainable practices which you have identified as being used

Your poster should be laminated (can be done in the admin office) and completed by Friday, March 10. 2014

3. On the course blog write 100-150 words describing one of the sustainable practices you recognised as being used at Orokonui and provide a link to a tourism business using similar practices.


Supporting Resources

  • Otago Polytechnic website