Summary of Day Ten Activities

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Friday 23 March, 2007

Started: 9:45

Stopped: 4:40

Morning session

The morning started off with a presentation from Fiona Spence on developing a framework for a workshop to train educators to develop ODL materials. This was a structure or pathway to help each group get through the workshop and to make necessary suggestions on how to contextualise the materials.There was a critical deliberation on the issue but finally agreed to design templates for the workshop modules. These include the following:

  • workshop planning
    • welcome
    • purpose
    • suggestions
  • workshop sessions
  • Post workhop actities
  • Resources

The facilitators emphasised the importance of putting the elements for each module to make it more easier to navigate this platform.This was done collaboratively and it was put on wiki as the discussion progressed.

Afternoon session

Having gone through the morning session it was noted that the instructions for each module was rather insufficient. Therfore, participants got into their first groups to navigate their modules and make improvements to the objectives, content, website linkages and unit topics.

After hours the group went for an hour and a half tour visit to MMI anothr big shopping mall amd everyone got hold of the most expensive and cheapest item you can never think of.The tour continued to the Night Safari for a tram ride to see the animals in the wild. Wow! it was a great experience to see the real big animals moving around in their extensive environment and not jumping towards the flashing cameras.What a wonderful opportunity to be in this place, big thanks to Patricia. --Evotia 09:27, 29 March 2007 (CEST)