Summary of Day Four Activities

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Session start_time: 8.45 a.m

Session end_time: 4.30 p.m

Morning Session

The morning session was divided in two parts:

1. Wrapping up of the brainstorming session for the units to be included in the workshop
Well today the deliberations were quite few on the topics that had to be finalised. Consensus was reached quite quickly.
2. Forming 6 groups of 4 to discuss on the first 6 units of the workshop

6 persons who knew the wiki quite well were chosen and 3 additional members joined in to form 6 groups of 4. Every group has one topic to work upon. This information is available under the Singapore Boot Camp pages.

Once the group were formed, each group brainstormed about the unit they were assigned and before lunch, most of them had the outline posted on the wiki.

Afternoon Session

In the afternoon session, most work was done online on the wiki and good progress was made by tea-break for most of the groups.

Furthermore, Scott McNeil from the Open Educational Forum made a very interesting 10-minute presentation on Open Courseware initiatives with partner institutions and introduced the Open-Education Forum initiative to the participants.

After the presentation, each group got back to work and the session ended at 4.30 p.m.

--Mohammad 09:30, 15 March 2007 (CET)