Summary of Day Eleven Activities

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Date: 26/03/07



The morning session began with a brief deliveration of the day's activity. This was followed by an introduction of Jenny Williams from COL. Participants were urged to tap into her vast experience and expertise in ODL.

The day's programme focused on the development of handouts for the workshop.To kick start off this, a workshop framework was refined, with each day divided into 4 sessions, allocated an average of 90 minutes each.The idea behind the framework was to conceptualise the materials to be developed and fit them within the workshop framework and and also to standardise the materials for consistency.

Participants worked in groups throughout the day, producing workshop handouts from the first six modules. At the end of the day, most groups had accomplished their tasks and content was posted into wiki.

Overall, all groups had made a sinificant progress and this can be attributed to the growing team spirit and competency in wiki skills.--Jdikinya 12:35, 26 March 2007 (CEST)