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My name is Jane Dikinya from Botswana. I work for Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL). I am a Programme Development Coordinator for Social Sciences. My job involves designing and developing instructional materials. Currently I am working on a teacher training course in Integrated Early Childhood Education Link to Publications.This at a diploma level.I am looking forward to work in collaboration with other institions on this project.

Link to Publications

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One of the challenges faced by most DE providers in developing countries is dwindling or linmited resource. Strategies to address limited resource challenges for ODL institutions in developing countries


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Brief report to Executive Management

*Workshop proposal outlining the following

  • Purpose of the workshop
  • the magnitude/scope of the wkshop
  • Budget
    • resources
    • transport
    • accomodation
    • venue?
    • pedium/allowances


*Workshop preparation team

  • IT and Multi Media officers (BOCODOL)
  • Wiki team (BOCODOL)
  • Reps from other departments eg Adult Education, CCE

_________________________________________________________ *Target group (Participants)

    • MOE

Curriculum Department Examinations and Testing council Adult education Department


Programmes and multi-media managers

    • PDCs
    • Editors
    • IT staff
    • DTP officers


*Needs analysis

    • methods and tools/resources
    • Duration

*Workshop purpose/goals

    • To train practioners to design and develop quality ODL Materials using appropriate technology, open content and available resources

*Workshop srtucture and program

    • Program
      • Purpose of workshop
      • workshop activities
    • Sessions

*pre- workshop training

  • Bridging computer skill
  • ower point/internet
  • refining wikiskills


    • invitations
    • meetings

*Accomodation/transport/venue arrangements

  • workshop reources
    • Computers
    • Handouts


  • goals/objectives
  • sessions/activities
      • presentations
      • group work
      • brain storming
  • content
  • evaluation


    • evaluation of workshop by
      • particpants
      • workshop
    • report
    • follow up

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