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Suggested name 'Resolving concerns and conlicts' because thats what this policy is there for. I don't think that this policy should try to cover all human interactions in the school. There are other statements and guidelines that do that.

Under Purpose part, delete peer mediation piece because although peer mediation could be a useful strategy in some situations, with teacher guidance, it may create more conflicts when parents do not agree with childrens verdicts on situations. I would prefer to see children affected being consulted but teachers and principals wisdom,experience and professional judgement' deciding actions for resolution. Delete I statement piece and examples. I think this level of detail is unnecessary and I being upset is not a valid educational reason for not leaving books scattered around.

Change 'Rationale' to Guidelines to go below purpose.

Under 'Procedures' insert 3 stages of referral and add as step 4, last 2 bullet points from 1. in old policy. Delete if concern is not resolved part. Flow chart is unnecessary.

I think the reference links are good. Especially the external help services. - Tim L.