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Recognise increasing awareness and willingness to incorporate sustainability into teaching, however often they don’t know how. This stream aims to identify potential blockages and equip champions with tools and resources to overcome these challenges.


This working stream looks at the challenges facing interested sustainability educators and develops frameworks/tools to facilitate the integration of education for sustainability into tertiary teaching programmes.


1. Identify main constraints to teaching sustainability at all levels of the institution and relevant responses

2. Identify and collate tools and best practices used worldwide to build the business case for teaching sustainability. Map these tools against relevant constraints

3. Develop toolkits for practitioners at all levels with tools and frameworks for education for sustainability.

Project Components

1. Group and validate constraints and effective responses

• Workshop amongst STENZ members and invite anecdotal stories

2. International Best Practice

• Using web-based research, literature review and international networks, collate various tools used successfully in institutions worldwide

3. Develop website for interaction with wider stakeholders

• Invite additional responses and discussion/debate

• Invite participants to post relevant tools (web to act as collection point)

• Identify ‘burning questions’ based on web statistics and discussion

4. Toolkit development

• Tailored to lecturer, programme manager and other relevant levels

5. Develop materials for professional development for education for sustainability


6 months - project components 1 & 2 (Project component 2 is on-going)

12 months – Project component 3 (open to public for 6 months)

18 month – Project component 4

Map Stakeholders

Tertiary education providers Staff (lecturers and programme directors) NZVCC and CEOs ACTS

Member attributes

Programme Director Teachers looking to build in sustainability into their courses Professional development director (Training and Development unit)


Website development Promotion Post-graduate research funds