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Engagement with stakeholders to raise awareness of new graduate attributes* required for meeting future global changes

• Graduate attributes include – knowledge and skills – of collaboration, critical thinking, analysis, systemic thinking etc ......... leading to establishing the values, attitudes and behaviours that lead to practices for strong sustainability.

Objectives to meet the vision

Engage management, staff, students and ITOs in order to appreciate the necessity for tertiary education to be preparing learners who are capable of meeting future global challenges/changes.

• Be prepared to sell the case for a focus on strong sustainability – personal, text on website, text in letters ....

(contributing to objectives 1,2,4)

Plans and milestones

1. Engagement with VCC and ITPs and Wananga –

• sending a letter re STENZ, asking for a representative on the STENZ group, one who could contribute to one of the current three work stream focuses. Letter was sent 4th August draft letter. After much discussion, decided not to ask for a representative, rather a nominated contact person.

• ongoing engagement as determined by initial responses

2. Contact Student Associations - advertise STENZ, invite their support for STENZ initiatives – letter to VCs etc ... and ask for their concerns and feedback re their current needs for learning for a sustainable future – immediate, by September and ongoing

3. Submission on Government Tertiary Education strategy

4. Contact and infiltrate as many industry/organisation conferences and workshops (presentations, seminars, papers) within and outside our stakeholder group, seeking to raise the need for strong sustainability learning and seeking their support for graduate attributes – 2009 and ongoing

5. Identify and liaison with networks already involved in education for (strong) sustainability in the tertiary sector – by July and ongoing

6. Approach political parties and seek engagement to discern how/what parties are planning for enabling future strong sustainability for NZ – develop strategic questions by July