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Spock Framework and BDD
Convenor: Andres Almiray
  • Tasos
  • Tomasz Pik
  • Stylianos Ntilis
  • Giannis Skitsas
  • ...

Behavior Driven Development for Java:

The session started with a demonstration of a typical JUnit test. Then proceeded to show the same testing behavior done with Spock. Next we covered BDD like capabilities found in Spock. Finished up by showing Easyb.

BDD: some claim it's TDD done right. advantages:

  • customer and developer elicit an specification together, in a language that's common to both.
  • the spec is written in a format that makes it easy for the customer to identify his concerns. The format is also developer friendly as it allows him to fill in the blanks with code.

Question by Heinz: what are the typical phrases that arise when writing an spec in this way? Kon mentioned the phrases you often find in scrum plan meetings which can be used in this context too.


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