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Almost anyone can contribute to libre software at some level.

Users can contribute bug reports and feature requests. Writers can write documentation. Educators can write tutorials and other learning activities. Developers can write code. Testers can test. Etc.

The following sections provide pointers on how you can contribute.

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User perspective

When using libre software habitually contribute ideas on how to improve the software

  • Contribute bugs
  • Feature requests

Developer perspective

Become skilled with one or more languages (very highly skilled in a few but able to use others effectively when required):

  • Languages: Python, Ruby, Java, C/C++, ...

Find a libre software project which either interests you or is relevant to your work/job (improving productivity) and join the developer community.

Get to know the tools the community uses. Examples:

and how the community works (and how to integrate into the culture[1]).

Become a Guru.

  1. See for example Open Source Culture in Mentors Guide (Google Summer of Code Mentoring)