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Personal Information

Sharai Ncube-Animal Nutritionist


Sharai Ncube is a young woman animal scientist based Zimbabwe and is also of Zimbabwean nationbality. Proffessionally she is interested in poultry production projects especially large scale(commercial poultry) production. This includes participating in diet formulation, breeding and all the production activities involved until marketing of the final products.

Educational Background

She has a Bsc in Agriculture honours in Animal Science(1999), and an Msc in Animal Science(2004) both from the University of Zimbabwe. Currently she is studying torwards MBA with the University of Zimbabwe in an effort to link her technical expertise to the business world.

Experience and Research Interest

Currently lecturing in the Department of Animal Science and her area of interest is animal nutrition and production. Before joining the University she worked for Musariri Investments Abbattoirs as an abbattoir production and marketing manager. Prior to that she worked as a research assistan in the department of Animal Science, University of Zimbabwe. Most importantly now, she intents to join a PHD programme within the region but with a different university for purposes of exposure. For detailed information about her, please go to her c.v. below. Click here for Sharai Ncube's C.V

Contact Details

Please feel free to contact her for any Job and PhD oppotuniuties that you may come across as she is looking very hard for such oppotunities on. Her contact details are or or phone 263-23419332. University of Zimbabwe, Box MP167, MT Pleasant, Harare, Zimbabwe.