Skills required for staff working in the tourism industry/Activities/The recruitement process

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The perfect candidate

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To gain an understanding of the recruitment process.


There are three stages to the recruitment process:

  • Describing and advertising the job - (pg 4-15)
  • Receiving applications through to interviewing
  • Selecting and appointing


These tasks will be completed as group work in teams of 4. They will also form your assessment for this section of the course.

1. Stage One:

Design a job description and advertisement for the position of manager of your Bed & Breakfast business

  • the job description should be presented in written form, while the advertisement can be designed for either newspaper or the internet
  • each team member will then write a realistic CV for the above position

2. Stage Two:

Choose the best two applicants (from their CV's) and interview them

  • the team is to decide which two applicants (from their CV's) should be interviewed and design an interview questionnaire
  • the two group members not being interviewed will form the interview panel and present each applicant with a different selection of questions - this will be filmed

3. Stage Three:

Select and appoint a successful applicant

  • the team after watching the videos will decide on the successful applicant and proceed with correct process for appoinment

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