Skills required for staff working in the tourism industry/Activities/People, People, People

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To gain an appreciation of the privotal role played by front-line staff in tourism.


What is your understanding of career options in the tourism industry.


Task One:

Using the slideshare below choose two tourism career options you are interested in and answer the following questions:

  • What do you think your role would be?
  • What do you think the company you work for would expect from you?
  • Do these two roles differ from what your clients might think your role is, if so how?

Task Two:

Now you have choosen two different career options - think about where in the world you would like to work (destination) and where - as in business. See if you can find out anything about what skills you would be required to have and what tasks you would need to carry out.

Look at supporting resources below for an example.

Supporting Resources