Skills required for staff working in the tourism industry/Activities/Methods of recruitment

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To gain an understanding of the recruitment process


A job analysis comprises three components: job description, person specification and job context


Think about the job context of someone working in the tourism industry (refer back to the slideshow) and the personal qualities and skills that person would require to cope with these.

List them below:

Now provide three scenarios where you may encounter these (what about in your own job) for example think about this real life scenario and whether you would expect to have to deal with this as part of your job as a tour guide/operator.

"A 21 year old English tourist drowned in the Kawarau River yesterday. She was part of a small group on a whitewater expedition organised by Queenstown company Mad Dog River Boarding when the accident happened.

Company owner Brad McLeod said the operation had “exceptionally detailed” training and safety planes in place." - April 30 2008

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