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Foreign exchange shop

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Students are able to provide accurate conversions of foreign exchange

Activity One

Your clients have requested the following overseas funds for their holidays. Please advise the New Zealand dollar amount they will have to pay.

  • VUV 910 cash
  • SEK 6800 cash
  • THB 1500 cash
  • HKD 4000 cash
  • CAD 1250 cash
  • AUD 1000 cash

Your clients have New Zealand currency which they have requested you convert to the overseas currency.

  • NZD 1875 to JPY cash
  • NZD 1000 to BRL cash
  • NZD 1875 to EUR cash
  • NZD 700 to GBP cash
  • NZD 660 to MYR cash
  • NZD 8300 to JPY cash

The clients have now returned from their holidays and wish their overseas currency to be converted to New Zealand currency.

  • HKD 200 cash
  • USD 1180 travellers cheques
  • GBP 500 cash
  • JPY 100000 travellers cheques
  • EUR 100 cash
  • THB 400 cash


In the following scenarios, please provide details of foreign currency that you would recommend.

  • I am travelling to Australia for 3 days and then to Hong Kong for 3 weeks. I have NZD4000 for spending money.
  • My company is sending me to a conference in Australia for one week and then to a meeting in India for a week. I have budgeted NZD2850 for expenses.
  • For my holidays I am travelling to Vanuatu for 9 days and then to Tonga for one week. My spending money totals NZD3000.
  • My Xmas holiday will take me to Honolulu for 3 nights, Los Angeles for 7 nights, London for 10 nights and Sydney for 7 nights. I have NZD5,000 to spend on my trip.

Advise customers of methods of taking money overseas - Assessment Unit Standard 3750 Element 1.1

You must include each of the following at least once in the following scenarios: cash, travellers' cheques, credit cards, bank drafts, transfer of funds and money cards.

  • Mrs Burton is travelling to London for a 3 week holiday. She has $1500 in spending money.
  • Kyle James is departing on his OE to England and expects to be overseas for 2 years. He has $15,000 to be taken/sent overseas.
  • Megan Thomas needs to send $2000 to her boyfriend in Australia.
  • Brendon Davies is travelling overland through Africa for 2 weeks on his way to Europe where he will stay in France for one month before returning to New Zealand. He has $5000.00 in spending money.
  • The Craig family are holidaying in Fiji for one week. They will be taking FJD1500. Their insurance policy covers up to $500 cash if lost or stolen.

Sell and process foreign exchange - Assessment Unit Standard 3750 Element 2.1, 2.2

Complete calculations for the following scenarios

  • Myles Jacob is travelling to Hong Kong for one week and then to the United Kingdom for 3 weeks. His budget is about NZ$4000.00.
  • Cynthia Browne's holiday includes 3 nights Japan, 2 weeks Singapore and 3 weeks in the Philippines. She has approximately NZ$5500 to spend.
  • Mr and Mrs H Green are going on a trip to France for 4 weeks. They would like to take 12,000Euros (3/4 on money card 1/4 in cash).

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