Sell, process and advise on foreign exchange

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[Based on NZQA 3750]


  • People credited with this unit standard are able to advise customers on foreign exchange, and sell and process foreign exchange.

This unit is used in the following courses

Advise customers on foreign exchange

  • Customers are advised of methods of taking money overseas in terms of suitability to the journey being undertaken.

Range: must include but is not limited to - cash, travellers’ cheques, credit cards, bank drafts, transfer of funds, money cards.

  • Customers are advised on procedures in the event of loss of cash, travellers’ cheques and credit cards in accordance with policy of suppliers.

Sell and process foreign exchange

  • Customers’ requirements are confirmed and cost of foreign currency is calculated in accordance with current exchange rates.

Range: requirements may include but are not limited to - amounts, currencies, cash, travellers’ cheques, money cards.

  • Foreign currency is ordered in accordance with customer requirements and enterprise procedures.
  • The foreign currency received from suppliers is confirmed as being in accordance with that ordered.
  • Foreign currency and related documentation is given and explained to customers in accordance with enterprise procedures.

Range: recording of travellers’ cheques, signing of travellers’ cheques, security of documentation.