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Learning4Content - Group Three

How can we establish national open communication collaboration for Samoa using WikiEducator?

  • Establish better internet connections in schools and local community
  1. Schools
  2. NGOs
  3. Village and Women’s Committee
  • Provide trainings and awareness programs on using WikiEducator
  1. Content should not only social, but strongly educational (example: bebo, facebook etc)
  2. Licensing and proprietorship issues such as copyright, etc
  • Ongoing collaboration between the different govt depts and organizations
  • Introduce OpenSource Software
  1. OpenOffice
  3. Etc
  • Establish a WikiEducator portal for Samoa
  1. refer to already established site (by Ioana))
  2. Appoint a moderator (or equivalent personnel) to monitor the appropriateness of content, vandalism, etc...