Samoa/Brainstorm planning sessions/Group 1

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    • Educators in Samoa should be encouraged and be trained on wikieducation (lecturers and teachers)
    • extend the accessibility and utilization of the wikieducator software in schools (students teachers and learners)
    • the current users of wikieducator need to meet and establish a committee to initiate and consolidate the formation of such network and collaboration
    • Proposals, policies, registrations, constitutions, affiliations ... when required, the committee will be responsible.
    • Merging and or partnership between Schoolnet and wikieducator
    • Upgrade of facilities and technology
    • Improve networking, sharing and collaboration amongst the Samoan wikieducator users.


    • Organise a meeting of all the wiki users to discuss the isuue and to express opinions on why this is important
    • highlight the advantages of wiki
    • explore the opportunities available