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Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism

Course Name: Sales & Marketing

Lesson Plan


Lecture Delivery Plan:

Why do you need a Marketing Plan?

  • Part of a business plan which must be presented for financing eg. bank or applying for a grant

Marketing Plan

Look at two factors:

  • Target Market - Knowing the kinds of customers you want to attract will enable you to tailor your product to meet their needs, and help make sure your marketing reaches the right people - handout "To Market, to market"
  • Research -

You must do the research to gain the knowledge

Activity from last week - Marketing Plan (get students to present to class)

Using the activity from last week - in pairs:

  • identify two organisations with similar products
  • using the marketing plan handout - compare the two eg. SWOT, objectives, target markets,

Look for uniqueness rather than similarity - how would you market them?

  • Now lets look at a tourism product and its promotion: (Branding identity)

1. website

2. facebook - students find it

3. Youtube Giant squid

4. Blog

Take a look at some commonalities: Brand, logo, colours, font