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Team A Members

Our team

Our team has been created to write a short article on Social Networking among the Mauritian student population. It comprises of 7 members. Here is a short introduction of our team members working in collaboration in this Mini Project:


Picture of priety.jpg

Hi, I am Deepa Bundhoo of MGI and am currently doing my MSc Educational Technologies from the University of Mauritius.



Hello, I am a chemistry Educator at Gaetan Raynal State College situated in Quatre Bornes.


Picture of myself.jpg

I am an educator teaching Computer Studies in a state secondary school.


My picture Sarita Marooty.jpg

I'm a Textile Engineer and currently working at the Department of Textile Technology, University of Mauritius.


Picture of Smita.jpg

Hello, I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at the University of Mauritius



I am an Educator in a private secondary school and I teach English Language, Literature in English and General Paper. I am currently following an M.Sc in Educational Technologies [1] at the University of Mauritius [2].


Picture of youshra.jpg

I have a background in Computing and IS and I am presently Research Assistant at the VCILT(Virtual Centre for Innovative Learning Technologies) - University of Mauritius.

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