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Survey Questionnaire

We, a group of students of the course MSc Educational Technologies, University of Mauritius are surveying the use of social networking among Mauritian student population (tertiary and secondary). Grateful if you could kindly fill up this questionnaire for the survey. Rest assured that all information will solely be used for academic purposes and will be treated confidentially.

Thanking you in advance.

Please circle the appropriate answers; there may be multiple answers for some questions.

1. Age Group

A. 13-20

B. 21-25

C. 26-30

D. 31-35

E. Over 35

2. Gender

A. Male

B. Female

3. Where do you live?

A. Urban

B. Rural

4. In which educational sector do you belong?

A. Secondary

B. Tertiary

5. How familiar are you with computers and Internet?

A. Expert

B. Comfortable

C. Novice

D. Not familiar at all

6. For what purpose do you use Internet?

A. Educational purposes

B. Entertainment purposes (gamming, downloading music)

C. Web surfing

D. Social networking

Others, please specify

7. Are you familiar with the term “Social Networking”?

A. Yes

B. No

8. If yes, do you have much interest in social networking?

A. Yes

B. No

9. If you don't use social networking sites, could you explain why?

A. Don't know about these sites

B. Not interested

C. No Internet access

D. Have concerns about these sites

Others, please specify

10. If you do use social networking, which sites do you prefer?

A. Facebook

B. Hi5

C. YouTube

D. MySpace

Others, please specify

11. Have you created your own profile online in any social networking website?

A. Yes

B. No

12. If yes, on which social networking website (s)?

13. What is the main reason you joined a social networking site?

A. It is an active and interesting community

B. In order to follow the trend

C. To voice out your opinions

D. To keep in touch with other people

Others, please specify

14. Does your profile have restricted access or is it open for anyone to view?

15. How often do you visit social networking websites?

A. Daily

B. Weekly

C. Monthly

D. Very rarely

16. What are the different ways you use social networking sites?

A. Stay in touch with friends

B. Educational discussions

C. Make new friends

D. For Flirting

Others, please specify

17. How do you communicate with friends on social networking sites?

A. Post message to friend’s page

B. Post comments to friend’s blog

C. Send group messages to all friends

D. Send private messages to friend within the social networking site

18. Do you feel that there can be potential danger in using social networking websites?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Never thought about it

19. If yes, what are your fears?

20. Those who use social networking, could you explain what contribution this has made to your life?

Thanking you for your collaboration.

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