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We are all familiar with the concept of a portfolio of work that demonstrates 'what we are capable of'.  In an educational context, though, portfolios are also used to inform learning - by reflecting on the learning process itself.  E-Portfolios update the concept  of a traditional portfolio to the digital age by enabling a portfolio keeper to collect and display a series of digital artefacts as well as comment and reflect on the learning associated with their production.

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We want to learn how to use ePortfolios by developing our own portfolio view. We will use the portoflio to reflect on where we are at currently in our use of eLearning to personalise learning for our students and as a starting point for the planning of our project

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The Basics

See if you can complete the following

  1. Go to the VLN portfolio site by following the link in the last section (below)
  2. Create your profile
  3. Create a view
  4. Populate your view with some features, blocks. At the very least you want to display your profile information and some blog posts. Have a play with adding video and images, including some of your favourite youtube clips. (Or maybe some good clips on eLearning)
  5. Create a test blog post and display it
  6. Add the other teachers as friends
  7. Add a group
  8. Have a play!

Starter Questions

Start a one or more blog posts by reflecting on some key questions below.  You don;t have to answer them all directly.  They are there to provide some prompts to aid your own thinking.  View this as a starting point for your project.  

  1. What is your current philosophy(ies) on learning?  What do you believe works for your students? 
  2. To what extent do you currently use eLearning in the classroom?
  3. Why did you volunteer for this Professional learning project?
  4. What role will you as a teacher play in elearning - for your learners - and for your school?
  5. What will you need to learn to provide better opportunities for your learners?
  6. Will your pedagogy need to change?  How?
  7. What do you hope to have changed after the three years?
  •  for your learners?
  • for yourself?
  • for your school?

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