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Southern Central Divide ICTPD Cluster

Map showing the location of the SCD clusters
The Southern Central Divide Cluster (SCD) is joint project between the CantaNet and WestNet eLearning clusters, spanning the Southern Alps (the 'Central Divide') of the South Island of New Zealand.  The purpose of SCD is to lead the development of collaborative personalised learning across cluster schools by providing professional development to teachers and co-ordination of schools and resources.

Key Facts about SCD

  • Awarded MOE Regional ICTPD contract for 2010 - 2012
  • over 30 schools - secondary and area schools - between Karamea and Oamaru
  • Over 11,000 learners
  • Provide PD with one teacher from each school

Contact Details

The SCD project is directed and facilitated by:



A complete project proposal and outcomes in tabular form are also available.

The SCD project

The aim of this proposal is to personalise learning for students and provide a framework for teachers and schools to enable innovative teaching across the three clusters
We will personalise learning by:

  • Enabling teachers and learners to construct blended learning programmes of study .
  • Giving learners choices over how their courses are taught .
  • Challenging school structures and systems.

We will develop a framework for innovative teaching by:

  • Developing teacher leaders.
  • Nurturing communities of practise and distributed departments.
  • Promoting collaborative course development and innovative teaching.
  • Providing professional learning to teachers in the areas of pedagogy and technology.

We are proposing a programme of professional learning and dialogue that will enable teachers and schools to develop an approach to teaching and learning that will motivate and engage learners.



On 22 - 25 March 2010, the first face to face workshop for SCD got off to a flying start hosted by the University of Canterbury.  Over 30 teachers plus facilitators worked together to produce individualised plans for teachers to take back to their classes and work on over the next term.  Teachers reflected on their progress and documented the challenges ahead using the VLN ePortfolio.



SCD project values
We believe in:
  • choice for learners
  • community
  • pedagogical innovation.


Featured project

Teacher and learner work along with feedback from schools will be posted here as the project progresses.



Workshops and Timetables

Important Dates on the SCD calendar


Term Virtual PD F2F PD

 F2F (4 days) 22-25 March

Virtual  Workshops plus Institutional Review of online learning and teaching

April 22 & 27;  May 3, 14, 25/27; June 16, 17 & 24

F2F (2 days) 5 & 6 July

Establish PD community online in Educo course facilitated by UC Professor Niki Davis

1 day virtual PD

3 Aug

25 Aug

16 Sept


1 day virtual PD

20 Oct

9 Nov

F2F (4 days) 24 - 26 Nov


Term Virtual PD F2F PD

  1 day virtual PD

24 Feb

8 Mar

30 Mar


Celebrate completion of first UC course EDEM628 'Best practices in online teaching and learning'

2 days Virtual PD

10 May

8 June

7 July

F2F (2 days) 18 & 19 July

2 days virtual PD

9 Aug

7 Sep

6 Oct


2 days virtual PD

3 Nov

15 Nov

7 Dec

F2F (2 days) 24 -25 Nov


Term Virtual PD F2F PD

Begin second UC course evaluating and disseminating expertise, facilitated by Niki Davis

1 day Virtual PD date tbc

1 day F2F date tbc

2 days Virtual PD dates tbc

2 days F2F during July hols

2 days Virtual PD dates tbc


Celebrate completion of second UC course and Certificate of Postgraduate Studies in Education.

Teachers with two additonal UC courses may qualify for a Diploma of Postgraduate Studies in Education<span style="font-style: italic;" />.
1 day Virtual PD

date tbc

1 day F2F date tbc