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The Southern Central Divide consists of the eLearning clusters, WestNet, Cantatech and AorakiNet. The Cantatech and Aorakinet clusters will align over the course of this year with a view towards amalgamation.  These two clusters are open to a further merger with WestNet.


The clusters are located in the Greater Canterbury region

Location of Aorakinet and Cantatech


  • eLearning Leader: Darren Sudlow (Cantatech)
  • Director of eLearning: Trevor Storr (AorakiNet)


Aorakinet and Cantatech are comprised of the following 21 schools.  Ellesmere College, Darfield High School, Oxford Area School, Cheviot Area School, Amuri Area School, Hurunui College, Akaroa Area School, Twizel Area School, Rangiora New Life School, Mackenzie College, Mt Hutt College, Waitaki Girls' high School, Waimate High School, Mountainview High School, Timaru Girls' High School, Timaru Boys' High School, Craighead Diocesan School, Roncalli College, Opihi College, Geraldine High School, Ashburton College


The following 23 courses are offered: L3 Classical Studies, L3 Graphics, L2 Graphics, L3 Physics, L2 History, L3 Geography, Aviation, L1 Spanish, L1 French, L3 Chemistry, L3 Agriculture and Horticultural Science, L3 Accounting, L1 Physics, L1 Drama, L2 Physics, L2 Spanish, L3 Classical Studies, L3 French, L3 Geography, L3 German, L3 Calculus, L3 PE, L4 Computing.  Additionally, the clusters collaborate with OtagoNet and WestNet to run a Scholarship Mentoring Scheme.

Number of enrolments in SCD courses:

Total 186

Number of SCD enrolments on the VLN (including SCD courses):

Total 147

  • Ellesmere College: 0
  • Darfield High School: 12
  • Oxford Area School: 12
  • Cheviot Area School: 8
  • Amuri Area School: 15
  • Hurunui College: 12
  • Akaroa Area School: 6
  • Twizel Area School: 9
  • Rangiora New Life: 2
  • Mackenzie College: 8
  • Mt Hutt College: 10
  • Waimate High School: 28
  • Waitaki Girls' High School: 3
  • Opihi College: 7
  • Geraldine High School: 7
  • Timaru Boys' High School: 14
  • Timaru Girls' High School: 9
  • Mountainview High School: 4
  • Roncalli College: 0
  • Craighead Diocesan School: 2
  • Ashburton College: 19

Strategic Goals

Goals for the next two years have yet to be determined, although ongoing consultation has taken place. It is likely that our goals will be around:

  • Ensure the sustainability and growth of the distance learning programme.
  • Enrich the learning of students through the effective use of online technologies
  • Promote collaboration and innovation between SCD schools to ensure quality learning outcomes for all students

We are also just beginning a three year ministry funded project centred on developing ways to use online technologies/approaches to personalise learning for students.