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In 2011 and 2012 the Southern Central Divide Regional Cluster will support the development of up to nine communities of practice (COPs).  Teachers register their interest in forming or leading a COP here.  In partnership with participating schools (those who have a teacher in a COP) the Southern Central Divide will provide funding to these COPs.  It is envisaged these funds will allow teachers to meet face to face over the course of the year.

What Schools need to do

  • The SCD will provide $3000 for each COP
  • Participating schools match that figure.  So a COP of seven teachers (each from a different school) will cost each school $3000 / 7 = $430.  The more teachers that participate the cheaper it is.
  • Each COP has a nominated fund holding school who will manage all funds
  • The fund holding school will invoice Waimate High School (the Regional Cluster budget holder) $3000
  • Each school will receive an invoice from the fundholding school which details the contribution required
  • Each school transfers these funds to the fundholding school 
  • The participating teacher liaises with his/her own school in order to track reimbursement
  • Each participating school invoices the fundholding school reimbursement costs (relief, travel etc.)  This can be done on an ongoing basis or at the end of the year.

Confirmed COPs as at September 2011

eDeans: Peter Cattell, Anne Williams, Keith Osborn, Michele O'Carroll, Adrian Bell, Trevor Scott, Allan Easte (fundholding school is Hurunui College)

Digital Technologies:

English: Angela Roberts, Ray Curnow, David Lindblom, Nathan Thompson, Amanda Walker, Tina Johnson

Art: Madeline Campbell, Frith Johns, Andrew Dempster, Anoushka Szybowski, Faith Sayer