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SCD BLP Governance group – Virtual meeting 23rd August 2010 -by VC


Trevor Storr – AorakiNet, Darren Sudlow – Cantatech, Bob Norrish – Oxford AS, Wayne Wright – Reefton AS, Angela Sloane – South Westland AS, Pete Graham - WestNet


John Cruden -Opihi College, Warren Hall – National Facilitator(CORE ED)

Background – Trevor (see Summary notes)

The course so far – Darren

  • Seems like more than 6 months – probably because we have got further than anticipated
  • UC course the glue that holds project together
  • Initial issue – too many online environments confusing teachers – now simplified
  • First assignment: Institutional review – measure of school’s readiness for blended learning – teachers currently getting grades
  • Q (Angela): Have teachers shared these with principals yet? – not all have, not all tailored for principals…
  • Also – what about those teachers struggling? – have principals been informed –ongoing, contact/visits to some in the next week
  • July PD – was mainly teacher driven – feedback shows they highly valued reconnecting with group
  • Current course content: Group discussion on academic reading led by different member each week.
  • UC course has given teachers a reason to learn something and then try it in their class – direct transfer which is not as common in PD as it should be – works well here.


  • Been happy with it so far – teachers very willing to work together
  • Primary teachers especially have struggled with workload/time issues (little non-contact time)
  • Q (Bob) – how many teachers? = 30+
  • Split between primary/sec? = approx 70% secondary

To consider

How to share expertise within schools?

  • Bob: Schools have to commit themselves to making it happen – give it priority
  • Has to come about by deliberate planning
  • PD for teachers will change little unless there is leadership backing for it

Principal buy in to region-wide learning community?

  • Hard to get principals to commit – e.g. professional learning group on West Coast
  • Difficult to prioritise – lots of pressure, NZC etc.
  • Oxford – strategic planning around ICT – needs to come first
  • Use asynchronous ‘meetings’/online forums– avoid pressure having to meeting at same time

How to encourage networking of teachers –

  • need to link somehow – great if it was a self-subscribing model so there wasn’t a great set-up time cost
  • Collaboration between schools and within clusters

Transition of participants if teacher leaves? How to do it?

Linearity of course – life isn’t that simple

  • Q (Bob) Teacher leaving – what accountability is there if participant leaves?
  • – don’t think we have any re raw number of participants. As long as schools do their best.
  • Able to offer adapted programme – ‘BLP lite’ – make less time demand. Addition of UC component made some participants apprehensive
  • Some attrition is inevitable 3-5 out of 30 not bad
  • Programme without UC requirements has value, something more lightweight – ensures schools don’t drop out all together
  • Principals are aware of pull-outs
  • Would lite course be without UC component – may increase costs if greater participation
  • Dr Niki Davis fine with people following course but not submitting assignments
  • Originally anticipated about 60% would do UC course – but nearly all enrolled. Is challenging, but makes it valuable and valued by teacher participants

Cluster merger

  • Wayne – prob no-go zone at this stage. Currently differing levels of buy-in from WestNet schools. Not able to say yes with singular voice at present
  • Ange – high turnover of principals makes ‘buy-in’ difficult
  • Bob – doesn’t see it as a barrier – greater contact/relation between schools would be positive.

Programme for rest of year outlined – PD

  • 10 day course delivered – using blended learning principles – would be an ideal opportunity to share the project with wider school
  • Bob impressed – with what has been achieved so far – must also include Niki as important component.