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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg
Draft topics and questions for the SCD Review survey - work in progress =

To support the Blended Learning Project the ePrincipals have been and will be gather some of the following data from all schools with project collaboratorshelp.

Teachers in the associated University of Canterbury course can also use their school's data for this assignment, plus relevant data from schools that they partner with for blended and online learning.

Use the following sections to group draft questions - you are encouraged to leave out sections that were included in 2010 as we move into a review that is more focused on Networked Schooling rather than one school as the institution.

A. The IT infrastructure in your school

These are the questions WestNet teachers have been asking

Hardware and OS
Server - type [eg.2003 windows server]
Computers in classrooms? [eg There are computers in most classrooms and x main Computer suites]
Computers around the school - runs [eg. everything from windows 98, XP through to vista, is all mac OS is X.0.2]

Issues? version control on software etc

School Network
network is ...[eg zblahnet - enables remote access for care and upgrading]

The school internet service is provided by X?

  • who sets permissions and firewalls
  • who has admin rights to change permissions - and the delay in unblocking sites can cause disruptions for coursework or classes
  • also the speed of the internet ?
    * what about VC?[does this impact speed?]

Around the LAN classes have [eg at least one working port, most have x
Wireless network is used [in the library, all over school, staffroom only]?

Students' own devices

No cellphones? or only in breaks?

BYOD policy and support, e.g. does the school have a policy for students who bring in their own laptops/ internet enabled devices [eg. itouch etc] ?

Cyberbullying policy etc.?

B. Teacher expertise in using online tools and Teacher attitudes towards online learning, collaboration, change

These questions were created in Survey Monkey by Pat Lewis [Reefton Area School] and worked through with the teachers online as part of a staff meeting.

The survey questions were check box with multiple selections and space for comments, and aimed at defining use and highlighting issues to be addressed.

Page 1: Online tools [assessing personal confidence]

  1. Which on line tools do you use?
    email, internet services, social networking sites, games sites, message services, eg msn. skype, photo sharing, video sharing, blogs, news services: Other (please specify)
  2. Where do you mainly access these tools? School, Home, Please specify if you have dial up or broadband at home
  3. Do you experience blocked access to any tools when working at school? Yes, No, Please list any tools that are blocked
  4. How do you rate your confidence when working with on line tools? very confident/ confident/ fairly confident/ not confident

Page 2: Use of tools [assessing use in school]

  1. Which on line tools do you incorporate into your teaching? [same list as above]
    email, internet sites, social networking, games sites, message services, msn, skype, photo sharing, video sharing, blogs, news services: Other (please specify)
  2. Which tools would you like to explore/explore further?
    email, internet sites, social networking, games sites, message services, msn, skype, photo sharing, video sharing, blogs, news services: Other (please specify)

Page 3: Collaboration and change [identifying how much these tools are used with colleagues]

  1. Which of the following tools do you use to collaborate with others? [similar list addition of LMS]
    email, social networking sites, games sites, message services, msn, skype, photo sharing, video sharing, blogs, Learner management systems: Other (please specify)
  2. When first faced with an unfamiliar on line tool, are you more likely to..
    play around yourself, ask a colleague/friend, ask a student, ask an IT expert, all of the above: Other (please specify)
  3. Is your teaching practice changing to accommodate the changing technologies that your students are exposed to?
    Online tools: not at all/ only marginally/  most definitely / completely
    off line tools: ot at all/ only marginally/ most definitely / completely
  4. How familiar are you with the school programmes/activities which are run in partnership with Westnet?
    Not at all/ I have heard the name/ somewhat familair/ very familiar

C. Teacher & leader attitudes towards online learning, collaboration, change

CBAM and other models are useful to identify different characteristics, see Sherry & Gibson in Davis (2011).


Can you identify any champions who support adoption of online learning?

How do the school leaders signal their support?

D. Leadership attitude toward innovation

These questions are being sent out to the WestNet Principals by the Lead Principal Wayne Wright

School Management Questions

1) Rate your involvement in online learning at your school?
[know little, delegate this one, take an interest, regularly kept informed]

2) How successful is the online learning programme in your school?

3) What changes in online learning do you forsee for your schools?

The following were submitted by Vanessa Burton [South Westland Area School to her School's  Board for Trustees]
1) What do you think online teaching and learning is?

2) Do you see technology as being an important tool for modern learning, why/ why not?

3) Do you see any barriers to the use of ICT in schools?

E. Parental/learner attitude toward online learning

Questions based on a 2009 survey for WestNet VC students and modified by Natasha Kiwara [Buller HS]

Created intially in Survey Monkey then printed out - these will be worked through as a VC students group and the parents questions taken home to be filled in.

[It might be important to clarify that the term VC also applies to online learning in Educo and possibly other tools in addition to VC - Niki notes]

Learner [mostly sliding scale or multichoice response with option to add comment]

  • How do you feel about doing a vc course?
  • How much effort is required compared to your normal course?
  • How confident do you feel about your progress in the course?
  • How much support are you given to take part in your course?
  • Do you have much contact with the other vc students outside of the VC class?
  • What would you suggest to improve the way the course runs?
  • If you had the chance would you like to do other courses by VC?

Parents  [sliding scale and comment option]

  • What is your impression of VC classes?
  • What do you know about your child’s progress?
  • How do you think the support required for distance differs from your child’s other classes?
F. Networks that could enable networked schooling

[Niki started this section and hopes that you'll take it over]

  • SCD is one of these, including WestNet and CantaNet, but who is aware of them?
  • GCSN - Greater Christchurch Schools Network