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Industry Organizations

Industry organizations are most important resources. For every industry there is an industry organization and most likely publications as well. Many of these organizations have international committees that may be involved in hosting training seminars, networking events, trade missions, and/or government lobbying efforts opportunities. It is important that an international manager become a member of the pertinent industry organization and at the minimum browse the website and publications of the organization. If funds are available and the events are meaningful, an international manager might find that attendance could be very beneficial.

Federation of International Trade Associations –

FITA is a source for trade leads, news, events and links to 7,000 international trade sites. These sites include buying/selling links, market research, job fairs and opportunities.

EISIL (International Law links) – this category provides some of the basic primary documents of international law, as well as recommended general websites and research guides. For more specific guides and documents, consult the topical areas of EISIL such as

  • International Economic Law (,
  • International Environmental Law (,
  • International Criminal Law (, and
  • International Human Rights (,
  • Others listed on the EISIL home page (