Resources for Selecting Payment Methods/Assessment

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Globe for WikiEducator.jpg Unit 5.2-Resources for Selecting Payment Methods 

Introduction | Foreign Government Agencies | International Organizations | Industry Organizations | Private Banks | Summary | Resources | Activities | Assessment


1. For the international manager, banks are

a. a source of low interest loans for exports.
b. a source of information on key personnel.
c. a source of credit and country risk information.
d. a source for export receivable insurance.

2. The SBA provides US exporters with

a. loan guarantee programs for export transactions.
b. low interest rate loans to import components.
c. direct loans for export transactions.
d. foreign company profiles.

3. The International Chamber of Commerce created the UCP500 as a

a. legal and binding guidelines for international transactions.
b. guideline for international banking transactions.
c. rules and regulations for international transportation.
d. guidelines for international insurance.

4. Industry Organizations provide

a. low cost funding for international transactions.
b. international receivables insurance.
c. guidelines for acceptable international business behavior.
d. events and information to members.

(Correct answers: 1=c, 2=a, 3=b, 4=d)