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A WikiArtisan is a multi-skilled and experienced WikiEducator professional who has developed a respectable share of WikiEducator content. A WikiArtisan is well-versed with:
  • our learning design requirements;
  • quality assurance procedures; and
  • the values of the free knowledge community.

Achieving the status of WikiArtisan is a significant milestone for a WikiEducator. A WikiArtisan has earned this status through demonstrated contributions to the community, the attainment of a high level of proficiency in wiki skills and an intimate understanding of the values underpinning our community.

Skills requirement Support resources Outputs for community certification
  • Pre-requisite skills: - WikiApprentice Levels 1 & 2 and WikiBuddy
  • Creating structure in content resources using subpages
  • Using categories on content pages
  • Being able to defend free knowledge based on the essential freedoms
  • Sourcing and attributing free content images correctly
  • Creating and using navigation templates
  • Using support and development templates
  • Pre-requisite skills - WikiApprentice
  • Developed at least 5 learning hours of content on WikiEducator
  • Developed at least one teaching resource using:
  • Listed Username as a WikiAmbassador and organised and recorded at least one WikiAmbassador event.
  • Provide an evidence portfolio as a subpage from the user page containing links to the output requirements listed above
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