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About the project

This is a collaborative project to explore the development of a qualification for professional support staff, to parallel the teaching qualifications we have for academic staff at New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs).

The vision is to create flexible qualifications which are geared to building capability for professional staff to support learning, and to help achieve better outcomes for our learners. Course materials will be developed as Open Education Resources (OER) to enable all ITPs to widen professional development opportunities at their organisations in a cost effective and sustainable way. As OER, ITPs will be able to adapt and modify materials for their own contexts.


What we aim to achieve

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Participation is open and the collaboration aims to:
  • Develop a graduate profile for the proposed qualifications
  • Achieve a two-tier structure comprising a Level 4/5 Certificate and a Graduate Certificate
  • Develop a high level structure and course outlines for the respective qualifications
  • Identify existing course materials that could be incorporated into the development
  • Collaboratively develop the teaching materials for flexible delivery.


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