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A qualification called "Certificate in Quality Education" was developed in 1994 at Otago Polytechnic. It was very much based around the Total Quality Management model, and was intended for both academic and general staff, with flexibility for differing requirements. Some of the modules which might be of interest in the current context include Dealing with Diversity, Effective Communication, Team Building,Applying Quality Service, Leadership, and Mentoring. Below is the complete list of modules that were in this course.

CEQ modules.jpg

The Association of Administrative Professionals (NZ) has a Certification process which incorporates credits from existing qualifications; - see http://www.aapnz.org.nz/Certification.77.0.html

Terry Fulljames, academic director of Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, said: From BoPP’s perspective we do not have any specific qualification related training for Allied Staff. In some cases Allied Staff are appointed with the relevant skills and qualifications required for the role and then undergo induction into that role. In saying that though, some people do decide on higher or other qualifications as part of their professional development. We have had staff do IT diplomas, NZ Dip Bus, NZIM Certificate in Management, Cert in Business (First Line Management), Bachelor’s degrees and some of our Programme Administrators and Secretarial support type roles have also completed NC Business Administration and Computing Level 4. I can also signal that there has been some discussion at the Association for Tertiary Education Management Aotearoa region (of which I am Deputy Chair) as to whether we should have something specific for the NZ tertiary sector. They do have this in Australia but seems to be heading in PG Dip and Masters direction and not at the pre-degree level. Given the new qualification development rules coming from NZQA we would be best to try and fit in with existing qualifications but we could design the programme of study with a tertiary emphasis and still meet the graduate profile of the qualification.