Proposal for action: Peer review of assessment/Peer review checklist

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Checklist for Peer Review of Alignment and Assessment

Part A:

To be filled in by course/module coordinator

OERu course/module name:

Brief context of course:

(<100 words, eg course/stream to which it belongs, prior knowledge assumed etc.)

Level of course:

Please choose one:

  • Foundation
  • Level 100
  • Level 200
  • Level 300
  • Postgraduate

Part B:

To be filled in by reviewers

Comments and areas identified for improvement
1 - The course/module description broadly says ‘why’ (the purpose), ‘what’ (content will be covered) and ‘how ‘(the learning will take place).

2 - The intent expressed in the course/module description is carried through into the learning outcomes, activities, content and assessment tasks

3 - Students are introduced to the course/module, what they need to do to meet the learning outcomes and how they will be assessed

4 - There are 3-4 intended learning outcomes for the course/module

5 - The learning outcomes are written as broad statements about what the student has to know and/or do, not specific lists of content

6 - The learning activities are designed to prepare students to meet the learning outcomes and successfully complete the assessment tasks

7 - Each learning outcome is able to be assessed through the assessment tasks

8 - Formative assessment and feedback is part of the assessment plan

9 - The criteria that will be used to assess each assessment task are clearly stated and criteria sheets (rubrics) are available to students

10 - The criteria sheets (rubrics) use plain English to describe the standard of evidence that is expected in student work for each level of achievement and is written in positive language (what the student can demonstrate)