Proposal for action: Peer review of assessment

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Name of Proposal

Peer review of assessment

Aims of the activity (longer term)

  • To provide a robust and sustainable system of peer review of assessment (and alignment of assessment) for OERu courses.

Objectives of the activity (short term)

Narrative description of what you will do

A peer review checklist is currently used at UTAS, and can be amended to suit OERu courses. Once this has been done,it can be shared with the OERu community for feedback. It is then intended to undertake a trial against an OERu course currently in development at USQ.

Group decisions for this activity including who and when.

  • Peer review template – Natalie to draft and send through.
  • Group (and others in the community) to give feedback - Assessment discussion group.
  • Group members who have developed courses to invite two members of the groups to undertake the process.