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Lesson Plans

Lesson One

Overview - in classroom

  • Introduce specialty - explain what units and local courses form the specialties, how it will be delivered and assessed. (This course outline will be on the blog)
  • Explain and discuss with students "travel agencies" eg. corporate, off street, cruise
  • Job Roles eg. front office, groups corporate, accounts, sales rep, (skills required)
  • Show powerpoint travel sectors

Accommodation Sector

  • Ask class what they already know, where have they stayed
  • Discuss different types of accommodation they are familiar with
  • Unscramble accommodation types exercise
  • Discuss the range available locally, nationally, internationally (use wholesaler brochures,accommodation guides, hotel and travel index
  • Accommodation powerpoint
  • Services and facilities available at different styles accommodation
  • Exercise - abbreviations codes Club Med
  • Identify chains - information in folder
  • Video - resort?

Quality Systems

  • Stars
  • Qualmark - website information in resources

Facilitation (the blog address)

  • Sign onto Travel log for new students

Show students through system, explaining contents

  • Show new intake students how to complete booking form, email, voucher
  • Complete chains/consortium exercise on wiki
  • Complete accommodation exercises on wiki

Lesson Two

In classroom

  • Discuss rates, different ways displayed, per person per room, currency? Talk about free sell and allotments, check in - check out, twin share etc, terminology codes
  • Quote exercise - Anzcro - Jasons Guides
  • Crossword
  • Go Queensland Quote exercise
  • Terminology game


  • Guest Speaker - Jackie Colson (Brooker Travel)
  • Terminology Task
  • Element One - ATTTO Assessment - Demonstrate knowledge of domestic and international accommodation

Lesson Three

In classroom

  • Itinerary planning
  • Timetables - Inter Islander, Tranz-Scenic, Intercity
  • Quiz questions - run as competition
  • Show examples completed tickets, booking form etc
  • Booking forms and ticketing for Tranz Scenic
  • Rental car/campervan - give examples/brochures
  • Complete exercises for rental cars


Domestic Air

  • Air New Zealand website - complete exercises and ticketing. Talk about other airlines - Qantas, JetStar
  • Ticketing exercises in travel log - booking forms and ticketing

Assessment Complete Case Study One

Lesson Four

  • Field Trip to visit I-site, Budget Rental Cars, Scenic Circle City Hotel, Scenic Circle Southern Cross Hotel, Central Backpackers and Penny Backpackers

Lesson Five

Assessment for accommodation unit standard 18217 Part 2 and Part 3

Lesson Six

Travel Insurance

  • Give copies of insurance tables to students
  • Show Mike Henry video
  • Commission
  • Examples of claims
  • Policies and exclusions
  • Complete exercises

Lesson Seven

Foreign Exchange

  • Methods of carrying countries - advantages/disadvantages
  • Credit cards/travellers cheques - explain
  • Insurance limits
  • Rate of exchanges
  • Calculations
  • Order forms
  • What to do in event of loss

Speaker ??

Lessson Eight