Process domestic and international accommodation

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[Based on NZQA 18217]


  • People credited with this unit standard are able to: demonstrate knowledge of domestic and international accommodation; determine customer requirements and prepare quotes for domestic and international accommodation; and complete reservations and documentation for accommodation.

This unit is used in the following courses

Demonstrate knowledge of domestic and international accommodation

  • Types of accommodation are identified and described in terms of price range, services, and facilities.

Range: evidence is required for a minimum of six types of accommodation of which three will be international and three will be domestic.

  • The relative quality of accommodation is identified in terms of grading systems.

Range: Qualmark, international-grading systems.

  • Accommodation chains and/or consortiums are identified in terms of world regions in which they are represented.

Range: evidence is required for a minimum of four chains and/or consortiums.

  • Terminology and abbreviations are defined in terms of their use in accommodation reservations.

Range: terminology and abbreviations must include but are not limited to - types of room, meal plans, facilities, standards, pricing plans.

  • The allotment and free sell systems are described in terms of their function in accommodation reservations.

Determine customer requirements and prepare quotes for domestic and international accommodation

  • Information obtained from the customer enables their needs to be determined.

Range: information may include but is not limited to - purpose of trip, expectations, destination and location, budget, dates, preferences for accommodation provider, services and facilities required, room and bed types.

  • A quote is prepared in accordance with requirements and/or information sourced from the customer and supplier.
  • Terms and conditions are explained to the customer in accordance with suppliers’ requirements.

Range: terms and conditions must include but are not limited to - check in, check out times, cancellation penalties, cancellation, payment requirements.

Complete reservations and documentation for accommodation

  • Reservations are made in accordance with customer’s requirements and enterprise procedures.

Range: domestic, international.

  • Accommodation vouchers and/or documentation are issued in accordance with enterprise procedures and suppliers’ requirements.

Range: evidence is required for a minimum of two different types of vouchers and/or documentation.


  • Enterprise procedures refer to procedures and/or practices used and recommended by an organisation involved in the tourism and travel industry. Procedures may cover quality assurance, documentation, security, communication, health and safety, and personal behaviour, and may include time and cost constraints.