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Students to gain knowledge in the process of providing information, quoting and documenting domestic and international accommodation.

Assessed as per Unit Standard 18217 Element 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2


Students to provide information, quote and document details for domestic and international accommodation


Accommodation Exercise

You are working for:

Worldwide Travel
346 George Street
Phone 03 487 3466
Fax 03 471 6862

For each of the tasks action the following:

  • Write an email to the client suggesting a suitable property with a quotation and including terms and conditions of the property
  • Describe quality/grading of accommodation
  • Advise check-in/check-out time
  • List the services and facilities at the property
  • Complete a booking form
  • Write an email to reserve the accommodation
  • Issue a voucher - full payment will be made from your client direct to your agency

Exercise One:

Mr and Mrs J Macdonald have been recommended accommodation near Kaikoura where you can stay in tree houses. They would like to stay in a double room for 3 nights and will be arriving by car on the 21st October. They are reserved on the whale watch tour on the 22nd October.

Exercise Two:

Mr and Mrs T James and their children (Miss J 08 yrs, Miss P 11 yrs)have requested accommodation at an apartment on the Gold Coast. They prefer central Broadbeach and wish to stay for 7 nights. They are flying from Dunedin to Brisbane on SJ328 on 13 Nov 2011 and returning on SJ453 on 20 Nov 2011

Exercise Three:

Mr B McGregor is visiting Dunedin on business and requires centrally situated accommodation. He is arriving from Queenstown by rental car on 20 Dec 2011 at approximately 1700 and will be returning to Queenstown on 23 Dec 2011. He has an interest in heritage buildings so would prefer a 'heritage' style hotel which includes breakfast and his room must have an ensuite.

Supporting Material

Travel Weekly