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PMAN 101 course assessment
Summary: This comprehensive 100% PMAN101 assessment is graded out of 100 marks and consists of two parts: Part A (80 marks) is worth 80% and requires you to prepare an essay demonstrating your understanding of the issues surrounding business ethics, culture and diversity. Part B (20 marks) is worth 20% and requires you to apply your knowledge of the functions and roles of management within the same context as Part A.
4 hours (excluding study of supporting resources and / or prior work experience).

Assessed learning outcomes:

  1. Describe roles and functions of managers, where they fit into organisations and their impact on organisations and people. 
  2. Explain future trends in management, including skills needed to deal with globalisation, diversity and the increasing focus on ethical practices in business.

Note: If you are completing this course for formal credit towards an academic qualification, you must complete and submit this assessment to a conferring institution for grading. Remember, you will need to meet the normal university admission requirements of the conferring institution (e.g. language proficiency and school leaving certificates etc.) and pay the required fee before your assessment will be graded.

Before starting work on this assessment, make sure you refer to the PMAN101 Assessment Marking Rubric provided to get an idea of the criteria that will be used to determine your grade for PMAN 101.

Part A: Business ethics, Culture and Diversity Essay (80 marks, 80%)

Part A of this assessment focuses on the soft skills in management related to diversity, culture and business ethics. For this essay, you are expected to select an authentic example that demonstrates a company, organization or industry's failure to promote diversity, culturally appropriate or ethical behaviour. You can choose something you've seen in the news or choose from one of the following examples:

  1. A list of corporate scandals
  2. Uber's sexism issues (the blog post that triggered the investigation)
  3. The gaming industry's diversity gap
  4. Silicon Valley's diversity problem

Write an essay that includes the following:

  1. A title page with important identifying details such as specific title, course name, date, your full name etc.
  2. An introduction that outlines the purpose and objectives of the essay.
  3. A paragraph that explains which diversity, culture and business ethics principles you are going to look at.
  4. Sufficient context to explain the business ethics/culture/diversity issue or misstep you are examining.
  5. A discussion of linkages between your chosen business ethics/culture/diversity example and relevant theory for managing the issue.
  6. A paragraph highlighting future management trends in relation to the topic of diversity, culture and business ethics principles.
  7. A final "Conclusions and Recommendations" section which answers the questions "What could the company or organization have done differently? How would you have handled this situation?"
  8. A bibliography.
  • Your essay should be 1250 words maximum and you must use APA referencing style.
  • Save your file using formats such as MSWord (.docx) or an open file format such as LibreOffice (.odt). Name your saved file PMAN101assessment_PartA_[your name]_[date].

Part B: Functions, Activities and Roles of Management (20 marks, 20%)

The purpose of Part B of this assessment is to indicate how the functions of management and corresponding managerial roles relate to improving efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation's ability to manage business ethics, culture and diversity. Your answers in Part B should be based on the same issue you reported in Part A above.

The requirements for Part B are as follows:

  1. Provide a concise description of the four main functions of management in your own words.
  2. Generate a table with the following column headings:
    • Function of management
    • Management task or activity
    • Dominant management role(s) (and justification)
  3. For each of the four functions of management:
    • List three management tasks or activities associated with the corresponding function of management relating effective management of business ethics, culture and diversity in the organization.
    • For each listed task or activity, identify the dominant management role(s) from H. Mintzberg's 10 roles of managers with a brief justification of your choice.


Function of management Dominant management task or activity Management role(s)
(and justification)
  • Review and publish vision statement for equity and inclusion for the organisation
  • Leader (initiative to review equity and inclusion in the organisation requires inspirational leadership)
  • Negotiator (given the diversity in contemporary organisations, the review of equity and inclusion will require empathetic negotiation with staff and stakeholders)
  • [List 2nd planning task or activity here]
  • [List corresponding roles here]
  • [List 3rd planning task or activity here]
  • [List corresponding roles here]

  • Save your file using formats such as MSWord (.docx) or an open file format such as LibreOffice (.odt). Name your saved file PMAN101assessment_PartB_[your name]_[date].
  • Submit both saved parts of your assessment for grading.

Once you have submitted your PMAN 101 assessment for grading, consider starting on one of the other two micro courses PMAN 102 or PMAN 103 (if you have not done so already). Remember PMAN 101, PMAN 102 and PMAN 103 together cover a first year university level Principles of Management course of study.