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In this activity you will learn about Wikitravel and the idea of free, open and collaborative webpage authoring for travel and tourism.


1. Visit the website Wikitravel and find out what it is, how it is made, and what it aims to be. Pay close attention to the structure of every page in Wikitravel (what are the main headings and information for Wikitravel entries).

2. Create an account and use your user page to practice writing to the wiki. Use these how to guides to help you understand how it all works.

3. On your user page write about 200 words for step number one. Include in this an explanation of the copyright license of Wikitravel content.

4. Search for an entry for a location you know. It could be the town you are in at this very moment, or it could be your home town, anything that you find interesting, and that you can find information about.

  • If the entry already exists, check that it is factual and up to date - if it is not, then correct it.
  • Does the entry need pictures? Add your own pictures or source images from Flickr Creative Commons database. Make sure you understand creative commons copyright before using these images.
  • Have you found a completely empty page? Then start creating the entry making sure to use an appropriate wikitravel template.

5. When you have finished all these tasks, email your teacher or assessor the URL for your user page. It should read something like this: From this page your teacher or assessor will be able to determine how much you have done of each task, so make sure you are logged in to the wikitravel whenever you edit a page.

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