Training Educators to Design and Develop ODL Materials/Pre-Workshop Activities-Checklist

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  • Workshop has been approved and budget secured.
  • The programme duration and structure has been determined.
  • The target group has been identified and notified.
  • Allowances/ transportation costs have been accommodated.


This document is intended to be used as a guide in assisting instructors in successfully planning and delivering workshops on Open and Distance Learning. It focuses on the pre-workshop activities that need to be considered for the effective execution of any workshop. It is anticipated that given the diverse contexts/environments in which workshops will be conducted, adaptations, additions and amendments may be required.}}

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The objectives of the Pre- Workshop Activities/Checklist Instrument are to:
  • Provide workshop planners with a check list to guide course development and implementation
  • Keep planners on track during the planning phase.
  • Enhance competencies/skills in planning and executing workshops
  • Contribute towards the development of a workshop planning template.
  • Provide a reference map during the planning process
  • Sensitize planners to the need for incisive planning.
  • Ensure the improvement in the quality of workshops.

Checklist Headings

  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Design and Development of Course Content
  3. Course Materials
  4. Course Presenters/Facilitators
  5. Workshop Materials
  6. Facilities and Resources
  7. Administrative and Technical Support
  8. Catering
  9. Workshop Formalities
  10. Recording of Workshop Proceedings
  11. Workshop Evaluation Documents

Download a Printable version of the checklistPDF down.png