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Our project consortium looking for insightful contributions to our conference freely shared on wikieducator.

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UGC in Practice

What are current experiences with user-generated content in Higher Education teaching and learning. What is your approach to quality?

  1. A wiki-class on ICT competences (Open University of Catalonia-UOC)
  2. Course Development - Learning Development (BME)
  3. (HCI)
  4. From Blog to a LMS - an UGC attempt (UCP)
  5. Self-directed learning: learning by doing (ILI-FIM)
  6. (UniPlymouth)
  7. Using Twitter in an exploratory seminar setting (University of Paderborn)
  8. Maintaining the content quality in a MediaWiki wiki (EIT, New Zealand)
  9. Using planet of blogs to boost participation, quality and control, and allow co-evaluation
  10. Evolving b-learning practices - do they increase the quality of online learning (Universidade de Aveiro)
  11. Template to describe your experience

Have a say

General on UGC - Enlighten us!

  1. Social Learning Analytics Monitor (University of Paderborn)
  2. User generated content: a new way to mix the role of teacher and student (Paolo Tosato, University Ca' Foscari Venice, IT)

Your findings on UGC in Education

Using YouTube in the Classroom: Issues and Oportunities (Nick Pearce, Durham University, UK)

QMPP project - The particular interest of QMPP (Quality Management of Peer Production) project was to concentrate on the quality management of peer production of e-learning content. Thus the basic understanding in the project was that peer production can be assisted (and also managed) by utilising the various options of peer production potential as well as by providing efficient enabling structures and services. The results of of the QMPP project can be found at - you can download the QMPP handbook (including also 12 case studies) in six different languages (English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish).

In addition, you can find an article of the framework and results of the project at eLearning Papers - the web address to an article "The challenge of quality in peer-produced eLearning content" by Mr. Ari-Matti Auvinen.

Mr. Auvinen's keynote address at the EDEN research workshop in October 2010 can also be a useful resource.